KNOW The Atlanta Airport Inside & Out

KNOW The Atlanta Airport Inside & Out

Nestled at the heart of the South, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, affectionately known as the Atlanta Airport, stands as a testament to the evolution of global air travel. Its history weaves the threads of innovation and transformation, marking it a transportation hub and a living chronicle of human progress in the skies.

The KNOWAtlanta Relocation Guide compiled everything you need to know to navigate the Atlanta Airport successfully for both returning and new travelers.

A Sky-High History of Excellence

Atlanta established Candler Field in 1925, beginning as a modest dirt landing strip serving as a mail stop. Over the decades, it underwent significant expansions and renovations, transforming into the sprawling, state-of-the-art facility known today. In 1961, it honored former Atlanta mayor William B. Hartsfield by renaming it Hartsfield Atlanta Airport, a key figure in its development. Merging with the neighboring Atlanta Municipal Airport in 1980, it assumed the name Hartsfield-Jackson, reflecting the legacy of Maynard H. Jackson, Atlanta's first African-American mayor. This strategic merger solidified its status as the world's busiest airport, serving as a crucial crossroads connecting passengers from all corners of the globe. The airport's history attests to Atlanta's dedication to aviation excellence and its pivotal role in shaping modern air travel.


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Its two terminals, Domestic (Terminal South) and International (Terminal North), along with multiple concourses, demand that passengers check their tickets for departure information. To swiftly navigate between terminals and concourses, travelers should rely on the efficient Plane Train, an automated people mover designed for convenience.

Given its reputation as one of the world's busiest airports, travelers should allocate extra time for their journey, especially during peak travel times. The SkyTrain provides a seamless solution for access to off-site facilities like the Rental Car Center, the Georgia International Convention Center or the Gateway Center. Travelers should monitor information screens throughout the airport as they display vital updates such as flight information and gate changes.


Airport parking overview

Exploring various parking options, including short-term and long-term spaces, is recommended for those arriving by car. The ATL Airport app proves invaluable for locating available parking spots. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the terminal buildings, so travelers should utilize designated smoking areas outside. Near the baggage claim area, travelers will find luggage carts for their convenience and if assistance is needed, porters are readily available.

KNOW Before You Go

TSA precheck at airport

To ensure a smooth passage through security, travelers should familiarize themselves with the TSA guidelines, particularly regarding liquids, gels and electronics restrictions. If they have some spare time, travelers should take the opportunity to explore the numerous dining establishments, cafes, and shops scattered throughout the airport. Free Wi-Fi and charging stations are also conveniently available, allowing travelers to stay connected while they wait.

Consider downloading the ATL Airport App, a valuable resource providing real-time flight updates, terminal maps and other essential features to facilitate your airport experience. For an elevated level of service, travelers should consider the ATL Skypointe service, which offers personalized airport assistance, including check-in and security procedures.

Amid the hustle and bustle, travelers should remain vigilant about their belongings. When it's time to leave the airport, exploring transportation options, which include taxis, rideshares, shuttles and public transit, is recommended. If travelers feel lost or confused, they should feel free to seek assistance from airport staff or volunteers who are there to help

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